This module collects address information. Select Street Address, City/State, or ZIP code to choose which information will be collected from end users.

When selected, each option adds a default prompt that you can edit further as needed.

Street option

When Street is selected, this module will display the Search City, State or Zip field. This field requires you to enter one of the following:

  • City and state

  • Zip code

This field accepts strings and variables.


An Address module can collect only one piece of address information at a time.


Street option: Collecting City and State

The Search City, State or Zip field can be completed with end user input by doing the following:

  1. Add a separate Address module with City/State selected. Give the module a unique name.

  2. Connect the first module to a second Address module with Street selected.

  3. In the Search City, State or Zip field, select the plus icon, then add the first module's name to enter it as a variable.

Collecting all address information options

To collect all address information (other than name), add and connect the following modules in order:

  1. City and State: Address, select City/State option

  2. Street: Address, select Street option and configure as shown above

Street is handled last to ensure accuracy. Multiple cities can have streets with the same name.

When the address is read back to the caller, the variable type address should be used. See Text-to-speech Variable Types for more information.

Module Settings

Note: At present, Fuse cannot collect street data for Canadian addresses, only city and/or provinces.

Advanced Settings

Advanced Fuse users may want to use shadow variables that are available with input modules. For more information on this functionality, please visit the Shadow Variables page.

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