Deployments Table

Adding a new deployment immediately adds it to the deployment table. This lists all of the active deployments in a user's account. The table provides five different pieces of information about each deployment.

  1. Application Name: The name of the deployed application.

  2. Revision: This indicates which version of the application is actively deployed.

  3. Phone Number: For inbound dialing, this provides the number(s) tied to the deployment.

  4. Last Updated: This indicates the last time that the deployed version of the application was modified.

  5. Actions: The following actions are available for deployed applications:

    • Update (): lets users edit their deployment.

    • Outbound (): takes users to a new page that provides a list of completed and pending calls. Each one has its own tab.

    • Delete (): deletes the deployment

Users can sort the deployments list based on Application Name, Phone Number, or Last Updated. By default, Fuse sorts deployments ascending alphabetically by application name from A-Z. Click on the table column headers to toggle the sort order based on the values in that column.

Beginning with Fuse v7.4.5, the deployments table includes a column for Revision name.