Deployments Table


The deployments table lists all active deployments in a user's account. New deployments are immediately listed here when created. In the Deployment Manager page, the deployments table appears as shown in the following image.

The table includes the following fields for each deployment:

  1. Application Name: The name of the deployed application.

  2. Revision: The version of the application that has been deployed.

  3. Revision Name: The name automatically given to an application revision. This name is a date in mm/dd/yyyy format. This represents the date that the application was last revised/updated.

  4. Last Updated: This indicates the last time that the deployed version of the application was modified.

  5. Actions: The following actions are available for deployed applications:

  6. Deployment Label: If you have entered a deployment label, it will be displayed in italics below the application name. For more on deployment labels, see Creating Deployments.

Sorting the list

Users can sort the deployments list based on Application Name, Phone Number, or Last Updated. By default, Fuse sorts deployments ascending alphabetically by application name from A-Z. Click on the table column headers to toggle the sort order based on the values in that column.

Beginning with Fuse v7.4.5, the deployments table includes a column for Revision name.

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