Prompt Table
The prompt table has four columns: Type, Phrase, Alert, and Action.
  • 1. Type: Indicates whether the prompt was generated by the user or automatically by Fuse.
  • 2. Phrase: Displays the text for each prompt in the call-flow. System-added prompts can be edited directly in the prompt table. User-added prompts must be edited in the Application Editor.
  • 3. Alerts: Displays alerts when users alter prompt text directly in the prompt table.
    • Undo (
      ): When users edit prompt text in the prompt table, a roll-back arrow (
      )displays in the Alerts column. Hovering over the icon displays the default prompt text in the pop-up display. Clicking on the icon restores the default text, deleting any changes.
    • Mute (
      ): Deleting all of the text from a prompt in the prompt table mutes that prompt in the call-flow.
  • 4. Actions (
    • Upload (
      ): This option allows users to upload pre-recorded audio for a prompt. Clicking on the icon in the Actions column opens a file navigation window enabling users to select an audio file from a local drive to upload to Fuse.
    • Download (
      ): Click this button to download a copy of the pre-recorded audio file for that prompt.
    • Play/Pause (
      ): When a prompt has an associated pre-recorded audio file, clicking this button plays or pauses the that file.
    • Delete (
      ): Deletes the pre-recorded audio file.
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