Outbound Deployments
After deploying any outbound calling applications, you can use the Outbound Queue page to queue, review, and manage the deployment's calls.

The Outbound Queue page allows you to:
  • Queue outbound calls via CSV file upload
  • View completed and pending outbound call lists
  • Refresh or cancel pending calls
  • Review events for completed calls
  • Export completed call data
  • Retrieve values for use with the Fuse API
In the Deployments page, locate the desired deployment in the Deployment Table, then select the outbound icon (
) to open the Outbound Queue page for that deployment.
If you want to manage outbound calls for another deployment, you will need to return to the Deployments page then select the outbound icon again for the desired deployment.
For more on the Outbound Queue, see Outbound.
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