Creating a New Folder

To create a new folder, click on the 'New Folder' button, type in a folder name and press enter.

Folders can be used to organize your applications, for example, to differentiate between working and in-production applications.

Viewing Folders

1. Folder Tree

2. Directory Breadcrumb

The directory breadcrumb will indicate the current folder you are viewing. The current folder is the last in the list and highlighted in purple. Clicking on any of the previous breadcrumbs will direct the application manager back to that folder.

The example below displays My Folder, which is under the default folder home.

Managing Folders

Folder Options

1. Moving A Folder

2. Renaming A Folder

3. Opening A Folder

4. Sharing A Folder

Users can only share folders and applications with other users within their account. For more information see the Users & Sharing section.

Sharing a folder shares all sub-folders and applications contained within that folder. When sharing a folder with another user, Fuse creates a folder with the same name and hierarchy in that user's account.

For more information on sharing, see Sharing An Application.

5. Deleting A Folder

Deleting a folder deletes all applications and sub-folders contained within that folder. Make sure that total deletion is the intended operation before confirming the deletion of a folder.

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