New Application

Creating a New Application

To create a new application, click on the button. This opens a dialog window that prompts the user to enter an application name and to choose a default language. It also provides the option to set additional languages as well.

Users can add more languages at any time using the Audio Manager.

Click the button to save the desired settings. Fuse then redirects the user to the workspace of their newly created application in the Application Editor.

Viewing Applications

Users can sort, search, and filter their available applications in the application manager.

Each application tile listed in the application manager displays a thumbnail preview of the application, the application name, and the latest revision details.

For each application, Fuse indicates the application owner, allows users to navigate to the application editor to make changes to the application, provides access to the revision manager, and gives users the option to share, clone, or delete the application.

1. Searching Applications

Users can search for specific applications using the application name or the phone number associated with it. Type the search criteria into the search box to find the desired application. The list of applications dynamically updates based on the search text string. Fuse searches across all folders in the application manager.

2. Sorting Applications

Users can choose to sort their available applications by name or save date. By default, Fuse sorts applications alphabetically by application name.Clicking either the 'Application Name' or 'Save Date' option updates the application manager sorting order.

3. Filtering Applications

By default, the application manager displays application owned by, and shared with a user. To limit the displayed applications to those owned by the user, select the β€œMy Applications Only” option in the drop-down.

4. Display Mode

Users can choose to display their applications in a Grid View () or in a List View (). By default, Fuse displays all applications in Grid View.

Note: Fuse automatically remembers user view preferences (e.g. Sorting and Display Mode) for the application manager and will use the same display the next time the user logs in to the platform.