Call-Flow Modules

Call-flow (
) modules create the directional roadmap for a voice application (also called 'branching'). These modules determine the call-flow and workflow logic of an application and are what end-users pass through in order to reach input or data modules. If you think of the path that end-users follow through a call as a road, then the Call-flow (
) modules are the road signs that direct them where to go.
The Prompt (
) module does not perform any branching functions on its own, but it is grouped with the other Call-flow (
) modules because it provides critical context for workflow logic and is typically used in conjunction with other Call-flow (
) modules.
Module Name
Description ​
A simple prompt
This module transfers the caller the a new desired phone number
Re-directs the call-flow to another Fuse application
Re-directs the call-flow to another page within the current application
Compare variables and re-direct the call based on the result
Give callers multiple chances to complete a task, then re-direct the call based on their response
Disconnect the caller from the application
Add custom logging to your call logs
Sticky notes for annotating an application
Re-directs the call-flow to an external VoiceXML application