My Account

The My Account page allows users to manage their user settings, with additional options available to admin users.

A first look

The My Account page features a tabbed layout. The following figures provide an example.

A standard user's My Account page view:

An admin user's My Account page view:

About users & accounts

First user is first admin

When someone signs up for a Fuse account, that first user becomes the admin for that account by default. The admin can then add more users and/or admins from the Manage Users page. See Admin Options for more info.

User options

Global options

The following My Account option tabs are available to all users within a Fuse account:

Admin options

Along with the global options, admin users have additional access to the following:

See the Global Options and Admin Options pages for more info.

Need account assistance?

If you need to merge accounts because multiple people at your company created their own accounts, or if all admins are unable to access your account, please contact Plum Support.

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