Updating Deployments

Deployments can be edited and updated freely after creation. You can update the deployment label, application revision, deployment variables, assigned phone numbers, and Private Logging option.

The fields displayed are mostly identical to those when creating a deployment. See Creating Deployments for full details.

  • Deployment Label. Enter an updated deployment label of your choice.

  • Application. This field cannot be edited. You must create a new deployment if you wish to use a different application.

  • New Revision. Choose a new revision from the dropdown list.

  • Set Deployment Var(s). (Optional) You can either enable or disable deployment variables by selecting Yes or No respectively. See Creating Deployments for details on adding deployment variables if needed.

  • Private Logging. (PCI accounts only) This option is visible only to customers with accounts labeled as PCI. Select the toggle to enable or disable the private logging function.

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