Global Options

User Settings

These are the settings for an individual user. Editable fields here include First Name, Last Name, and Email address.

There is also an option to generate a developer key.

Reset Password

This section allows users to change or reset their Fuse password.

Client-Side Certificates

Plum Fuse allows users to configure client-side certificates that servers use to verify the identity of the client making the server request.

Client-side certificates are ideal for users that want to ensure that only authorized clients are making requests to their servers. Plum Fuse supports client-side certificates by allowing customer to provide Fuse with a domain name (e.g. and a client-side certificate (PEM format only). When a SOAP or REST module makes a request to a domain configured with a client-side certificate, Fuse uses that certificate when making the request.

OAuth Tokens

If your Fuse application requires OAuth token(s) for integrating with Stripe payment, they can be added to your account by clicking the 'Add Token' button.

Currently Fuse only supports Stripe as a token provider.

Clicking on the 'Add Token' will open up stripe integration for either a Test or Live environment, based on the Token Type selected. You will need to log in your stripe account or sign up for a new one in order authorize Fuse to accept Stripe payments.

To assign a token to a deployment (see here), Stripe will first need to be activated with your account.

Please contact support to enable Stripe integration.

JS Libraries

Fuse allows users to create and use JavaScript libraries. These help your streamline JavaScript coding for commonly used JS commands. Users can create, manage, and edit JavaScript libraries in this section.

Click the 'Add JS Library' button to add a new JS library. This generates a new window where users provides a name and description for the JS library. There is also a text field to enter the desired JS code. Click the 'Save Library' button once you finish.

The new JS library appears in the list of JS libraries. The table provides the name and description of each JS library, indicates which Fuse apps use the library, as well as options to edit or delete the library.

After creating a JS library, users will be able to add the library to any application in that application's settings.

Each JS Library is currently only limited to 16384 characters

Please note that this feature is meant for common Javascript functions and should be tested and used as such. 3rd party Javascript libraries will not work and are not supported on our voice platform.